Healthy for Two

Healthy for Two

Keeping you fit and strong throughout pregnancy and returning you back to your active lifestyle

Keeping you fit and strong throughout pregnancy and returning you back to your active lifestyle

Keeping you fit and strong throughout pregnancy and returning you back to your active lifestyle

Keeping you fit and strong throughout pregnancy and returning you back to your active lifestyle


About the book

Through the pages of this book, you will gain the wisdom and insight amassed by two physical therapists working in women’s health who strive daily to provide health and wellness services for women both during pregnancy and in their daily lives.

There are very few books that dedicate themselves to helping women understand what happens to their bodies during pregnancy and to prepare them for birth and the aftermath. This book will explain how to exercise safely, eat well and mentally prepare for the extreme maturation and possible injuries our bodies may experience during the process of baby building.

We hope to motivate and educate you on how to exercise safely to accommodate fatigue and to prevent various neck, low back, hip and leg pains. We will give you ways to treat your annoying aches and pains, how to avoid them and how to maintain your strength and fitness throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

It is our profound belief, that with proper exercise, breathing techniques, sleep and nutrition, and awareness, we can skate through, in most cases, this intense construction process called pregnancy with our bodies and minds stronger, bolder and more beautiful than ever. These exercises will also help increase circulation, tone your body, maintain your strength and help you return to your previous self after childbirth      


Michael Lay, MD. FACS. FACOG

"Healthy for Two provides much good and valid advice for expecting mothers, showing how to take care of themselves physically and mentally. Healthy mothers, of course, are more likely to give birth to healthy babies. I strongly recommend this must-read book to all expecting mothers, and those thinking about pregnancy."

Tatyana Ormanzhi, Mother of 4

"I can't thank Ellie enough for what she did for me. She got me stable and strong. I now feel strong enough to take care of my kids and myself."

Leonide L. Martin, RN, FNP, DrPH

"This beautifully illustrated book brings a wealth of information few women are fortunate to find...Healthy For Two offers specific actions to keep essential structures healthy, describes how these technique work, and points out benefits."

Jil Levesque, Mother of 6

"This information just isn't made available to mothers during pregnancy or at the hospital after birth. It is important to guide mothers to be aware of and how to deal with them as they come up. I am so thankful I didn't just choose to live with the pain."

Annette Sciola, New Mom

"Nothing worked, and Pam was my last resort. After two sessions of her triple therapy (ultrasound, cold laser, massage), she was able to help my baby and I resume our breastfeeding relationship, which was the greatest gift to us both."

Amazon Customer

"Beautifully written book with tons of useful information! If you want to stay strong and healthy during your pregnancy, this is a must read!"

About the Authors


Pamela Bercutt, PT, DPT

Pam has helped hundreds of women achieve pain free pregnancies and many more with postpartum recovery. She has worked in physical therapy and women's health for over two decades.


Ellie Petri, PT, RYT

Ellie combines her extensive physical therapy knowledge with her yoga background to assist her patients with gaining strength and confidence during pregnancy

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